Rosario Dawson Is The New Face of Diamonds by Pandora

Pandora has tapped Rosario Dawson to be the face of their new line.

For 40 years, Pandora jewelry has been a trusted destination to bring the charm in our lives. The jewelry brand is commonly known for their charm bracelets however, their latest collection is making a stamp in the diamond market. In a press release, the company revealed it’s latest edition – “Diamonds by Pandora”. The new collection features lab-created diamonds grown in the U.S. and crafted with 100% recycled silver and gold.

Lab-created diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, but grown in a laboratory rather than excavated from a mine. They have the same optical, chemical, thermal and physical characteristics and are graded by the same standards known as the 4Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat

Diamonds by Pandora is the company’s first collection to be crafted from entirely recycled silver and gold. To celebrate the monumental moment, Pandora tapped actress Rosario Dawson to be the face of the new collection.

“I’m so excited to be a part of this campaign,” said Rosario Dawson. “To show that brands can create something beautiful and brilliant with tech and an understanding of our natural world is really powerful.”

With this new collection, Pandora hopes to encourage women to “celebrate their own milestones of modern womanhood: such as graduating with a master’s degree, getting a promotion at work, or moving to a new city.”

Outside of sponsorship deals, the Seven Pounds actress has recently launched her own fashion brand, Studio 189. The African inspired brand collaborates with African artisans who use the art Hand Batiking to craft beautiful fabrics.