Ruby Bridges Released New Children’s Book On Desegregation

Ruby Bridges, the Civil Rights icon has officially released her new children’s book based on desegregation.

The book called I Am Ruby Bridges speaks on the adversity she faced at the age of six. In 1960, Bridges attended an all-white elementary school in New Orleans which was met with much protest, verbal abuse, and more. Due to her attendance, Bridges became the first Black student to desegregate the school in the state of Louisiana. 

In a press release, Bridges spoke about her new book and said, “It’s not just about my experience integrating schools. It’s also about the innocent ways that a child sees the world. Writing as my six-year-old self reminded me how differently kids interpret things than adults do.”

She continued, “Children are much better at finding humor in everything, and even in times of great challenge, that’s what this book really does. It allows young kids to learn history in a fun way, which is something that I’m very passionate about.”

Ruby Bridges became a household name within the Civil Rights movement and has been the focus of Norman Rockwell’s painting; “The Problem We All Live With” which shows; a small Bridges wearing a white dress while carrying her notebooks and school supplies as she is surrounded by U.S. Marshalls.

The book is now available for purchase.