Russell Simmons Banned From NYC Yoga Studio Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Photo Credit: Tiffany Rose/Getty

Def Jam co-founder, Russell Simmons is not allowed at an NYC studio due to sexual assault claims. Last year Simmons was faced with 12 accusations for alleged sexual misconduct and rape allegations.

According to,

The West Village location of Modo Yoga NYC sent correspondence to Simmons that asked him not to return to the fitness studio.

Simmons shared with the tabloid, “The management invited me, and then said that my presence had ‘triggered some members.’”  He continued, “I’m deeply disappointed and hurt by it. Guilty by the accusation, I don’t believe is a good way to go forward.”

Modo responded to Simmons statement:

“We do not pass judgment, gossip or comment on any of our students … However, when we receive complaints from students who are uncomfortable because of another student’s alleged conduct outside of Modo, we are put in a difficult position.”

What are your thoughts on the yoga studio banning Simmons?