Russell Wilson and Ciara Surprised West Seattle Students with Savings Accounts

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and singer Ciara made a surprise virtual visit and donated over $30,000 so that each student of the West Seattle public school “will receive a savings account with $40 in seed money.”

According to, NFL Players Association partnered with a Financial Literacy Month and a NY-based financial technology company, Goalsetter.

During the broadcast, Wilson stressed the importance of financial literacy.

“Financial literacy and building wealth is so important,” said Wilson. “Ciara and I really wanted to talk to you all because we didn’t come from much and we had big visions, we had big goals, big dreams.”

Ciara also encouraged the students to learn about the things they might want to invest in. She says:

“All these things can pay back tremendously if you invest in them in the right way. … Investing is very powerful and it will also allow you to create an opportunity to build a legacy for your family.”