Ryan Coogler To Reboot ‘X-Files’ With A Diverse Cast

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Sci-fi fans, this one is for you! The hit series X-Files is making a return. Chris Carter, the creator of the series, revealed in an interview that Ryan Coogler will be at the helm of the reboot. Carter mentioned that Coogler is working on a new take on the series. The director’s plans are to diversify the cast much more compared to the original show.

“I just spoke to a young man, Ryan Coogler, who is going to remount ‘The X-Files’ with a diverse cast,” Carter during the interview. Coogler “got his work cut out for him, because we covered so much territory,” he added. Carter didn’t share many other details on the series.

In 2020, reports circled about plans for an animated version of the show called The X-Files: Albuquerque. TV Line explained the outlook for the series. “The potential series will center an office full of misfit agents who investigate X-Files cases too wacky, ridiculous or downright dopey for Mulder and Scully to bother with. They’re essentially the X-Files’ B-team.” The project tapped Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko to write the pilot episode and executive produce. However, there haven’t been any updates on that since.

As for the Ryan Coogler “remount,” there are no dates set in stone regarding a premiere. However, in 2021, Coogler’s production company Proximity signed a five-year deal to develop television programs for Disney’s channels and streaming services. Dinsey currently still owns Fox and it is likely that Fox still owns the rights to The X-Files. This project could be one of many from that lucrative deal.

Ryan Coogler has not taken his foot off the gas. He most recently wrote and directed Marvel’s box office smash hit movie, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. He also produced the latest Rocky film, Creed III.