Samuel L. Jackson Shares What Songs Are On His Morning Playlist

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Samuel L. Jackson getting a bit personal with his fans after he shared what kind of music he listens to on his morning playlist. 

During a recent interview, he revealed that his music preferences are eclectic and said that his playlist includes a range of artists from Usher to Trick Daddy. “When I get up in the mornings when I’m on location and I’m working and my wife’s not me, I can turn my Beats Pill on and play music loud as hell in the morning when I’m showering, shaving, getting ready to go to work,” he said.

He continued, “I got my hip-hop playlist going. Some days I wake up and go, ‘Let’s listen to Usher today.’ Boom, so I just throw on Usher’s greatest and keep it moving. Even something as off as Trick Daddy. I get up in the morning and bam! Listen to Trick Daddy. Whatever strikes me, you know? Some days it’s N.W.A and old stuff, some days it’s new stuff.” 

Jackson went on to speak about his return as Nick Fury in the 6-episode series Secret Invasion that will premiere on Wednesday, June 21st on Disney+.