Satin Sheets, Tours, and More: Sammie Discusses His Latest Projects

We are officially in year three of the global pandemic. While restrictions have eased, some of us continue to  sit in isolation and loneliness. However, Sammie is making sure his fans still feel loved through his gift of songwriting and singing.

In 1999, Sammie entered the music scene at the sheer age of twelve singing at the World Famous Apollo Theatre. He charmed teenaged hearts with his hit singles “I Like It” and “Crazy Things I Do”.  Yet Sammie has since evolved into a grown man – evident by the six pack abdominals, flourishing beard, and mature music content.

Sammie recently dropped a bold, sensual, and soulful EP, Satin Sheets, on February 11th, the perfectly curated lovemaking playlist right on time for Valentines Day.

WBLS had the pleasure of catching up with the R&B Floridian to talk music, tours, and love. He opened the conversation explaining how he spent a few days in the cabin to recharge. “I was in the cabins to catch some zen. This spot about an hour and a half outside of Cleveland. I enjoyed the snow, meditated, read some books, no TV. I feel vibrant ”, he says smiling.

On the new EP, “Satin Sheets”:

I wanted to create a project that exuded love. I’ll be thirty five in two weeks, so I have baby fever really bad. I wanted to create some vibes that champions companionship and making love. [Fans] haven’t had a body of work where they can just press play. They usually have to manually put a concoction of songs together to create a love playlist. So Satin Sheets was me letting out my sensual mode.

On when he began writing “Satin Sheets”:

Soon as I got off the Millennium Tour I was inspired to write this. I actually blame my fans, you know what I’m saying. The way they were loving on me and hugging on me at the meet and greets, encouraged me to release my passionate side.

On having records that are vulnerable yet masculine:

I’ve always been a man to embrace my emotions. It’s always worked for me. Men are not as tough as we portray ourselves to be. I’ll give you an example. A man can cheat on a women ten times. That woman has a big heart and will take him back. But if a man finds out his woman cheated one time, he is going to turn cold etc. I understand that I don’t have the same emotional capacity. I would rather show people how to love me then put on a super tough  front. I’m confident in my own skin. I promise you 99% of men cannot stomach the same things woman can.

On endeavors outside of music:

I have a candle line – Simply Naked Candles that has about six different scents. I plan on dedicating this year to being a serial entrepreneur. I am in the preliminary stages of  franchise owning a hookah bar & grill here in Atlanta, GA. I am currently looking at real estate to invest in. One of my missions is to create generational wealth for my family. I am launching a clothing line called LAW (Love Always Win).  I never solely wanted to be a singer. This career helped to catapult me into other endeavors I want to accomplish. 

He is also planning to  release a new book “Good To Know” this year and a foundation dedicated to kids,”King Up Foundation”, for young children who need male role models.

On being added to the Millennium Tour during the pandemic:

We all suffered from depression during the pandemic. We got to do six shows [in 2020] and then the world was on time out. I went from performing in front of 15,000-20,000 people to being back in the crib. That was different. Also Kobe Bryant was actually my favorite basketball player. I have 24-8 tattooed behind my ear as a salute to him. So that [his death] killed me. I’ve learned to not become so attached to people. I am just grateful to experience people.  When you bask in a dimension of gratitude, it helps you cope. 

On the Vibes on Vibes Tour with Eric Bellinger:

Eric is my brother man. Shoutout to E.B. Congratulations on the grammy nomination… “New Light”, get his album. I’ve known Eric for years, I was a fan before I knew him. Prolific songwriter. Great family man. There’s just a mutual respect we have for one another outside of music. We’ve both been killing the game for a while now but still underrated. I think that symmetry made the concoction of he and I taking the Vibes on Vibes Tour, on the road for thirty cities, a lot more of a no-brainer. I’ve been in the gym heavy, rehearsing three times a week, and trying to put together the perfect set list.

Be sure to stream Satin Sheets and pick up tickets for the Vibes on Vibes Tour! Get more updates on the singer on his official Instagram page.