Say What?? O.J. Simpson and Kris Jenner Reportedly Had Hot-Tub Fling, Simpson ‘Broke’ Her

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Tabloids and celebrity gossip sites have suspected a Kris Jenner/O.J. Simpson affair for years. This suspicion appears to have just been confirmed by Simpson’s former manager, Norman Pardo, in his new documentary, Who Killed Nicole?

Simpson had allegedly bragged to Pardo about hooking up with Kris in a hot tub, back when Kris was still married to Robert Kardashian and Simpson was married to Nicole Brown.

Allegedly, O.J. and Kris were left alone in a hot tub one night when the incident went down. “From what O.J. told me, everything was great up until [the] little fling that they had,” Pardo said. Not only did the hot-tub incident destroy Kris and O.J.’s marriages, it also sent Kris to the hospital.

The two engaged in sexual intercourse, and O.J. reportedly said he “broke” Kris. Pardo recalled what O.J. told him about the night. “She came to [O.J.’s] room and said, ‘Canyou take me to the hospital?’” Pardo said. Simpson wouldn’t take her, and told her to ‘have Rob do it.’

Kris Jenner still denies that anything ever happened between her and O.J.