Say What? Tracy Morgan Is Demanding His Last Name Back In Divorce from Wife

It was announced a few weeks back that Tracy Morgan and his wife Megan Wollover part ways after five years of being together. And while this is news to some, the couple has been separated for some time now.

According to sources, Tracy made the decision to go his separate way before the pandemic.

Madame Noire reports:

Megan Wollover-Morgan filed for divorce last month citing “irreconcilable differences” and stated that there was no hope of them getting back together. Wollover moved out of their $8 million mansions and into a $1.7 million home a few towns away.

The next day Morgan filed his answer to the petition requesting joint custody of their 7-year-old daughter Maven.  He wants them each to pay child support.

Megan said she and her husband have a prenuptial agreement and that both sides have acquired property and assets during their five-year marriage and she wants them to split according to the conditions of the prenup.

Furthermore, Tracy wants Megan to return back to her maiden name. We hope these two are able to work it out!