School Teacher Suspended After Student Wears KKK Costume In Class

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A teacher is currently under investigation after she allowed her student to dress in a KKK costume to class as part of a history project. 

It was reported that a video surfaced online of the student wearing the controversial hood and robe while on the school bus. The student allegedly asked if it was okay to dress up as Confederate army general Nathan Bedford Forest, a Ku Klux Klan grand wizard. 

The teacher gave the child permission to dress up in the KKK costume and also gave extra credit. Another student in the classroom didn’t see a problem with the costume. 

“There was no racist movement behind it. I mean there was Black kids in the classroom, they all thoughts it was good. Nobody felt targeted,” the student said. “You can’t be mad over a school assignment that teaches history. You have to learn history to make sure you don’t redo it.” 

Because of the teacher’s actions, she was suspended from Pulaski County School and is under investigation by the superintendent Patrick Richardson. The incident will be reported to the Educational Professional Standards Board.

Richardson also spoke on the situation and said, “It sickens me that this has occurred. It embarrassed not only me but our school district and community. I’m angered by the lack of thoughtfulness that went into this situation.” 

What are your thoughts on this situation?