Scripted Mini-Series About Gladys Knight Is Coming To Cineflix

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The life and career of the legendary Gladys Knight is finally coming to the small screen.

The scripted mini-series will be featured on Cineflix and will be produced by the singer’s Empress of Soul Productions company. Reports state that nothing is off limits when it comes to Knight’s private and professional life. 

“At the age of 78, most people in my industry have retired, but I’m just getting started. All my life I’ve been able to sing my stories. I can now use this opportunity to show the meaning behind the words,” Knight said in a statement. 

She continued, “Our partnership with Cineflix, sharing my life story, will allow me to leave a legacy of hard work and dedication. That alone is greater than any award I could ever receive. It’s important to leave large footprints that go in the right direction. That’s why Empress of Soul Productions was founded.”

The President and Head of Context at Cineflix, J.C. Mills also released about the project, “Gladys is a legend and true icon; her creative ambition and artistry is unmatched. With over five decades across music, film, TV, and humanitarian efforts, her life is a beautiful mosaic that we are honored to tell.”

Are you ready for this series?