Serena Williams’ Daughter Wore A Tribute To Her Mom’s Legacy

Olympia, Serena William’s 4-year-old daughter, wore the cutest tribute for her mom’s final tournament on Monday (August 29th).

Cheering her mom on from the crowd with her father, Alexis Ohanian, baby Olympia had her hair in cornrows and in white beads. This hairstyle gave a nod to the unforgettable look that Serena and Venus Williams sported back in the 90s. More specifically, it was the same hairstyle the 23-time Grand Slam champion wore in 1999 after winning her first US Open. This was around the time that the pair made their professional tennis debuts.

To complement her cute hairstyle, Olympia also twinned with her mom by wearing a matching dress to the event. The 4-year-old wore a black Nike dress bedazzled with rhinestone.

Earlier this month, Serena Williams shared with Vogue that she is retiring from tennis to focus on her family. She told interviewers, “I’ve been reluctant to admit that I have to move on from playing tennis. It’s like a taboo topic. It comes up, and I start to cry. I think the only person I’ve really gone there with is my therapist.”

In the article, Williams opens up about how she wants to be able to focus on the people she loves. The tennis star mentioned how she never wanted to have to choose between tennis and her family. But, because she’s a woman, she has to make the difficult choice.

The 41-year-old said, “It comes to a point where women sometimes have to make different choices than men if they want to raise a family. It’s just black and white. You make a choice or you don’t.”

Despite this, Olympia was thrilled to hear that her legendary mom was retiring from tennis to focus on her. Williams also shared that Olympia has been asking to be a big sister for months now.

Above all, we hope that Serena Williams’ family continues to grow during this next phase of life!