Serena Williams Gives Update On Returning To Tennis

Serena Williams may have a few more matches left in her. 

The multi-time Grand Slam champion revealed that the chances of her returning to the tennis court are likely. “I’m not retired. The chances are very high. You can come to my house, I got a court, I got you,” Williams said. 

We reported that Serena announced that she was evolving from the sport, which gives her time to focus on her investment company, “Serena Ventures.” 

“I started this company a while ago, so I just jumped right into that,” the Olympic medalist said during a conference. “I didn’t even think about the whole retirement.”

She went on to talk about her new reality of not playing after her final game at the 2022 US Open. “I did go on the court the other day and realized for the first time in my life that I’m not playing for a competition and that felt very weird.”

Williams continued, “It was like the first day of the rest of my life and so far I am enjoying it. But I’m still trying to find that balance.” 

Do you think that Serena Williams should return to the tennis court?