Serena Williams Lands First-Look Deal With Amazon Studios

Serena Williams has landed a major deal with Amazon

The world-class champion athlete is set to create scripted and unscripted content including a biographical docu-series about her personal and professional life. The untitled film will be produced by both Plum Pictures and Goalhanger Films. 

Williams will be the co-producer of the series along with Stuart Cabb, Tony Pastor, and Patrick Mouratoglou. In a recent statement, Williams said, “I’m very excited to be partnering with Amazon Studios- they are developing some of the most inspiring and important content for a global audience.” 

She continued, “I have a lot of stories I’m eager to tell, including a continuation of my own, and I look forward to sharing those with the world.” 

Williams would talk more about the documentary during Vanity Fair’s Cocktail Hour, Live! Event with Michael B. Jordan. Watch the clip below.

Stay tuned for more updates on Serena William’s first-look deal.