Sha’Carri Richardson Faces Backlash After Attacking Allyson Felix’s Words Of Encouragement

Sha’Carri Richardson is not being a fan favorite after her verbal attack towards Allyson Felix. 

Shortly after returning from the Tokyo Olympics and being named the most decorated American Track and Field star of all time, Felix, Olympic medalist, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she talked about her experiences in Tokyo and her new sneaker brand, Saysh.

Felix would later turn her attention to Richardson to send her some words of encouragement after she was unable to compete in Tokyo for failing a drug test. 

Felix said, “I know that she’s obviously been through so much and I hope that she’s just supported. I hope people rally around her. Obviously, she has a great personality and she’s brought a lot of attention to the sport and I think she’ll be in the sport for a very long time.” 

She went on to say, “I think just more than anything, for all athletes, there’s so much that goes into it. Just give her the support that she needs.” 

Sha’Carri Richardson, however, did not like the kind words from Felix and took to her Instagram Stories to write, “Encouraging words on TV shows are just as real as well nothing at all.” It is not clear if Richardson tried to reach out to Felix during the failed drug test incident, but people on Twitter were not happy about Richardson’s reaction and voiced their opinions on it.

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