Sha’Carri Richardson Honored With Her Own Track In Dallas

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Sha’Carri Richardson is celebrating after being honored with a Dallas ISD track named after her. 

The renaming of the track took place last Friday, Nov. 10, at the John Kincade Stadium where Richardson shared the moment with Dallas ISD Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde and others who supported her. 

“I see that little girl who stood right here at Kincade. I told my mama I want to be great. I told my godparents I want to be better. I told my family I want to take care of them, and being right here in that moment, able to look back and see that I’m able to do that and more, I don’t want to stop,” Richardson said.

The track-star’s high school principal, Gayle Ferguson, also spoke on her achievements during the renaming. “It makes me feel very, very proud. Not just of the athlete, but of the whole person,” she said. 

This past August, Sha’Carri Richardson won the women’s 100-meter world title in Budapest, Hungary, with a record time of 10.65 seconds. She set the record for the event at the World Championships.

Along with getting the track renamed after her, November 10th, 2023 has also been declared Sha’Carri Richardson Day in Dallas.

Congratulations to Sha’Carri!