Sha’Carri Richardson Wins Women’s 100m Over Shericka Jackson

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Two of the fastest women this year have battled it out on the track and of course, only one could prevail. The Dallas, Texas-bred runner, Sha’Carri Richardson, took home the gold at a Diamond League meet in Silesia, Poland.

Amongst other women in the heat, Richardson was up against another sprinter, Shericka Jackson. The Diamond League meet came just as Jackson hit a personal best of 10.65 seconds at the Jamaican trials. Although Richardson came in first, Jackson took second place.

With a record time of 10.76 seconds, Richardson said she is happy. After the race, she spoke to to give her thoughts on the race. “It was an amazing race, I am really having fun,” she began. “The 10.76 – I love the time. I put a great race together. This was a great competition, it was amazing. I executed correctly.”

Richardson continued, “I love the atmosphere here. I wish we could replicate this in the U.S.. All the energy, all the love from the audience. I was satisfied with my race altogether.”