Shannon Sharpe, Mike Epps To Hash Things Out “Man 2 Man” At NBA All-Star Weekend

NFL legend Shannon Sharpe and comedian Mike Epps have announced their intention to settle their differences in a face-to-face conversation during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis. The decision comes after a public spat between the two personalities, which began with leaked footage of Epps making insinuations about Sharpe’s sexuality during a comedy show.

In a social media post, Sharpe revealed their plan for a “man to man” discussion, acknowledging that the situation could have been handled differently. He stated, “We both realize this situation could’ve been, should’ve been handled differently. I apologize 2 fam, friends, love 1s and my fans.”

The tension escalated when Sharpe responded to Epps’ remarks during an episode of his Nightcap podcast, expressing his lack of concern about rumors regarding his sexuality but emphasizing his refusal to tolerate false claims tarnishing his reputation. He also hinted at the possibility of releasing direct messages between him and Epps to debunk the comedian’s assertions.

In a subsequent social media post, Epps confirmed the existence of messages between them discussing an appearance on Sharpe’s podcast, Club Shay Shay. He explained that he had reached out after Sharpe mentioned him in an interview with Katt Williams, wanting to clarify any potential misinterpretations.

Their conflict attracted further attention as they exchanged public statements, with Epps suggesting that they would likely cross paths during NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis, his hometown, providing an opportunity for their conversation.

The meeting between Sharpe and Epps is set to take place amidst the festivities of the NBA All-Star Weekend, scheduled from February 16th to February 18th. As they come together for a candid discussion, both individuals hope to resolve their differences and move forward amicably.