Shaq, 50 Cent, and Kenya Barris Team Up For BET Acquisition

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In the continuous battle for who will have the rights to BET Networks, three new contenders have entered the ring.

Shaq, 50 cent and Kenya Barris are now joining voices to acquire the entertainment network. According to TMZ, 50 Cent and Barris were seen outside of Paramount’s New York City offices. The two were discussing the possibility of buying the network and have also allegedly partnered with Shaq and investment company, CVC, to make an offer. Currently, Barris is one of BET’s minority stakeholders.

The group of three creates a trifecta that could be an asset to BET. Barris and 50 Cent both have created their own projects in the entertainment industry. 50 Cent has had a long-running relationship with Starz for his successful shows like Power and BMF. Barris has directed and produced a plethora of projects including TV show, Blackish.

As WBLS has reported, Diddy, Byron Allen and Tyler Perry are all separate contenders for the top spot. Paramount intends to sell a majority stake in BET as a means to help create resources for the Paramount+ streamer. Additionally, with a Black owner, the network would be able to receive funds specifically for platforms with Black owners.