Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson Take on New Roles at Reebok

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Athletic brand, Reebok, has announced some basketball greats to be on its team. Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson are taking over the president and vice president roles of basketball, respectively, at the company. They will be the first to fill these roles at Reebok

“We are thrilled to be expanding upon our partnership with Shaquille with this historic appointment,” Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky said in a statement. “With the combination of his deep-rooted history with Reebok and reigning influence he’s made on the game, there is no one better than this guy to take the helm and lead our brand back to reclaiming its rightful place and dominance in basketball.”

In a conversation with Boardroom, O’Neal shared his excitement to be on the team over at Reebok with Iverson.

“We just want to do things differently,” O’Neal said. “That’s what we were best known for back then and what we want to stay true to now.” “A big part of my role will be leveraging my network to build bridges, connect the brand with players, and help those players develop through their partnership with Reebok.”

Krinsky adds on to the conversation by sharing the company’s eagerness to work with legends in the sport.

“Being at the company for such a long time, one of the things I’m most proud about, is a lot of brands have relationships with their athletes and endorsers,” he explained. “Usually they’re giving them product in perpetuity and having them come to events and appearances. With this, we’re actually bringing two of our legacy athletes together and having them be in real management positions within our company. … It’s a new move in our industry that hasn’t been done before.”