Shaquille O’Neal Will Pay For The Funeral Of 3-Year-Old Boy

Shaquille O’Neal is doing a good thing for the family of the slain Louisiana three-year-old boy who was fatally shot in Baton Rouge. 

Reports state that NBA Hall of Famer reached out to the family of Devin Page Jr. and offered to pay for the funeral. He will be partnering with Greater Beulah Baptist Church to provide the funeral service. 

Page was sleeping in his bed on Tuesday night (April 12), when a stray bullet shot him. Police believe that the bullet came from a fight between two people outside when one of the bullets went through the window. 

“Until it happens to you until the gun is shot at your house, you know until the bullets come through your window, you don’t get involved. You have nothing to say,” Cathy Toliver, Page’s grandmother said. 

“But you don’t want this feeling that we have right now. You don’t want the feeling of knowing that you’ll never see your grandbaby or your son again. You don’t want that feeling.” 

The family stated that they have tried to move since the shooting, but they cannot afford it. “I try to stick it out. Now that I stick it out, this is the outcome of what happened. My son got killed,” Tye Toliver, Devin’s mother said in a statement.