She Rocks The Word: LIVE at Nyack College [VIDEO]

Are you a fan of She Rocks The Word?  Would you like to meet Bible study duo, Déjà Vu and Neicy T, for an up close and personal session, full of faith, conversations, and understanding?

Well, come join us for a LIVE show at Nyack College Manhattan Campus, and you could win a She Rocks The Word exclusive opportunity where you may sit in on an upcoming show and chat with our esteemed WBLS and WLIB hosts. The lucky winner will also walk away with Hustle Her gear!

Check out this most recent episode of She Rocks The Word as they share from The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. Watch as they delve into the thought processes of the mind, and how negative thoughts and words can manifest into creating your own negative reality. 




deja vu and neicy t she rocks the word