Shereé Whitfield Speaks On Kandi Burruss Leaving RHOA If Phaedra Parks Returns

Shereé Whitfield is giving her opinion on the Kandi Burruss saying that she would leave The Real Housewives of Atlanta if former castmate Phaedra Parks returns. 

In a recent interview, Whitfield said about the situation, “I have been in situations that I was uncomfortable with. I have talked about heavy things that I had going on in my life… We are here to do a reality show. And, as much as I love Kandi, I feel like, at the end of the day, she should understand that this is for the show.” 

Shereé who is good friends with Kandi, added, “We can’t be like ‘oh, I don’t want to talk about that’ or ‘ it’s not cool, so we can’t do it.’ It’s for the betterment of the show. We have all been in uncountable situations and talked about s**t that we don’t want to talk about.”

The RHOA star also revealed in the interview that she invited Phaedra to her fashion show that will air in the upcoming new season. 

“I actually invited Phaedra to the fashion show, and one of the things she said, she was like, ‘Well, is Kandi going to be there?’”

If you remember, Kandi and Phaedra were friends until season 9 when things went completely downhill at the reunion. It was revealed that Parks lied on Burruss and her husband Todd about them attempting to drug and sexually assault former co-star Porsha Williams.