Sheryl Lee Ralph Reveals Her Feelings Were Hurt During 2006 ‘Dreamgirls’ Movie

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Sheryl Lee Ralph reveals her true sentiments about the 2006 movie Dreamgirls an adaption to the Broadway musical that Ralph starred in. 

In a recent interview for Essence Magazine’s Of the Essence series, the actress was speaking with fellow actress Jackée Harry, discussing their longevity in the business until Harry called out the fact that Ralph did not receive the proper recognition for the film Dreamgirls when it was released. 

“You know something, Jackée? You and I have been around long enough to realize that everything comes around the way it is supposed to come around. Yes, they ignored us when they made the movie. Whatever that choice was, it hurt my feelings, because we literally created Dreamgirls. Tom Eyen handpicked us, put us all together- and we improvised and put those moments together that became that groundbreaking musical,” she said. 

She added, “And when they chose to go to Hollywood and make the movie, to act like we weren’t a part of it- there were so many things they could have done. They could have added us, but the choice was made not to. And God and Goddess know why. I’m just like, ‘It’s okay.’ Because we are moving forward.” 

The conversation between the two legends went on to talk about full-circle moments and how it is always good to be nice to people. Ralph revealed that Mara Brock Akil would bring her coffee while on the set of Moesha. 

Harry went on to say that Kenya Barris would bring her the scripts while on the set of 227 and that she was not nice to him at all due to her ego. You can watch the full interview here