Sheryl Lee Ralph Shuts Down Rumors About Living Separately From Her Husband

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Sheryl Lee Ralph is addressing the rumors about her marriage. 

During a recent interview, the legendary actress put an end to the rumors that she and her husband are moving in together for the first time during their 18-year marriage. “It’s not true at all,” she said. “If you’re going to write things, just try to get it close to right. We’ve been married 18 years and together 21 years.” 

The actress married her husband, Vincent Hughes, in 2005 and she has two adult children from her first marriage with her ex-husband, Eric Maurice. However, Ralph and Hughes use a modern-day relationship structure that works with their careers. 

Hughes is a senator in Pennsylvania, while Ralph stars in the hit sitcom “Abbott Elementary.” She added, “We live together on and off, in that I’m shooting Abbott Elementary in L.A. He is at the Capitol every week, so we see each other in between.” 

While they live bi-coastal, the couple make it work and are happy together. “Is that my man? Am I booed up? Do we enjoy cuffing season? Yes.” 

In another interview, the couple opened up about their relationship and said, “We view our marriage as a blessing. Life could have been very, very, different for the both of us. God led us to each other right at the absolute perfect time,” Hughes said. “Sheryl is a blessing to me. This relationship and this love is a blessing, and I try to treat it that way. We thank God in prayer several times a day, both together and apart in prayer.” 

Sheryl Lee Ralph added, “I have a great friend and a great partner; somebody that I absolutely trust. I believe that if something awful was to happen to me, that I could trust my husband to do the best for my family and my kids and to be all the things I would want him to be. He’d be strong enough to carry on.”