Simon Guobadia Files Restraining Order Against Estranged Wife Porsha Williams

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Things are getting messy between Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams. He recently answered Williams’ divorce petition in court and described her behavior as “erratic.”

Reports state that Guobadia claimed that Williams abandoned the home they shared together and that when she came back to the house she was with a man who was “bearing a gun for reasons unknown.” Simon says that the same man appeared at their house twice with Porsha.

He also claims that on March 21, that he had to call the police to keep the peace but it is unclear on what peace was being disturbed. Simons also says that Porsha has been harassing him via phone and more.

“Since the filing of the instant divorce, Wife’s actions have been erratic, unstable, threatening, and harassing to… the house staff, and the minor children,” the lawsuit states. Simon Guobadia is requesting a restraining order against Porsha. Representatives for Porsha have not responded to the claims of this new lawsuit.

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