Simone Biles Calls Out Fans For Jonathan Owens Critcism

HOUSTON, TEXAS - JANUARY 22: Simone Biles during the AthletaWell Gold Medal Groove at Athleta Town & Country Village on January 22, 2023 in Houston, Texas.
(Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Simone Biles has had enough of the online scrutiny directed at her marriage to NFL player Jonathan Owens. On May 19, Biles, 27, addressed the criticism Owens, 28, faced after supporting her at the 2024 Core Hydration Gymnastics Classic in Connecticut.

Simone Biles Standing Up for Her Husband

“I’m going to quickly address this, the joke was never a joke! Y’all are blatantly being disrespectful to my relationship & my husband. So I’m gonna go ahead and say this one time. Respectfully, f— off,” Biles wrote on her Instagram Stories.

“If you keep commenting or tweeting at me I’m just going to block you. Simple as that,” the gymnast continued. “And no I don’t need to touch grass or whatever tf y’all suggest….” She then praised those who support their relationship, saying, “@ everyone else that supports us, we love y’all so much,” adding a hand heart emoji.

Owens also spoke out on Instagram, stating, “Being fake mad about people y’all don’t know from a can of paint is weirdo behavior.”

Before her statement, Biles shared photos of Owens kissing her and supporting her on Instagram. She had just won another title at the 2024 Core Hydration Gymnastics Classic on May 18. “My whole heart 🤎🤞🏾 the best supporter, I couldn’t ask for a better husband,” Biles captioned the photos.

The negative comments surrounding Owens stemmed from a December interview on The Pivot podcast. Owens had called himself “the catch” in their relationship, which some misinterpreted. “I always say that the men are the catch,” Owens said, adding that he had to overcome his fear of commitment before dating Biles.

Defending Their Relationship

Biles addressed the criticism during her April 16 appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast. She admitted that the discourse brought her to tears. “First of all, that interview had nothing to do with me,” she said. “He never said I wasn’t a catch. He said he was a catch because he is. I’ve never met a man like him. A lot of people that meet him are like, oh my gosh. I want a man like that, like Jonathan.”

Biles found the divorce comments absurd and hurtful. “I thought it was hilarious what people were saying divorce him, divorce him. All of this crazy stuff,” she said. “Then, like, one night, I broke down, and I’m like, ‘Why are you guys talking about my husband like this?’”

She described Owens as “the sweetest guy who will do anything for anybody,” insisting that people should not attack her family. “Talk about me all you want, but don’t come for my family,” she insisted.

Biles and Owens married on April 22, 2023, at the Harris County Courthouse in Houston, followed by a second celebration in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They met on the dating app Raya in 2020.