Sinbad Believes He Manifested His Stroke Due To A Joke 14 Years Ago

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – FEBRUARY 29: Sinbad speaks with audience via video conferencing at A Different World HBCU College Tour 2024 at Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College on February 29, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Nykieria Chaney/Getty Images)

More than three years after suffering an ischemic stroke, Sinbad, 67, is warning his fans to be careful.

During the “Netflix Is A Joke” festival, which ran from May 2nd to May 12th, Sinbad joined attendees to close out the biggest comedy festival in North America. Over the 12 days, the Los Angeles festival hosted over 400 live stand-up shows, featuring both rising comedians and seasoned vets.

Sinbad stole the show, gracing the stage with help from staff and family members. The legendary comedian was greeted by a round of applause and, once seated, took a moment to address the crowd, calling his return “a miracle.”

“I’m gonna tell you something, it is a miracle for me to come out tonight, even to be walking with that staff. I feel good that I can do that because the left side of my body was affected. My left hand, my left leg, just quit,” he said.

“Be careful what you talk about. Remember I did my joke about having a stroke? Be careful what you talk about cause you’re bringing into fruition,” he cautioned.

The joke he referenced was from his 2010 “Where U Been?” comedy special, which was aired on Comedy Central. During the stand-up, he does a bit about older men dating younger women and jokes about men wanting a woman who will understand the signs of a stroke.

During the “Netflix Is A Joke” festival, Sinbad, joined by his family, expressed gratitude for being able to walk again after the stroke affected his left side. Despite the challenges, he remains positive and appreciative of the support he has received. 

The comedy community has rallied around Sinbad, with stars performing at a benefit show in his honor to support the Sinbad Special Needs Trust.