Singer is Reportedly Suing Nipsey Hussle’s Estate For His Song ‘Hussle & Motivate’

photo credit: Prince Williams / Getty Images 

This doesn’t sound too good. 

According to reports, singer Tasleema Yasin is allegedly suing the late Nipsey Hussle’s estate. She reportedly filed a creditor’s claim in Los Angeles County Superior Court, stating that she is owed payment of the Hussle’s song “Hussle and Motivate.” 

Yasin claims she wrote a four-note phrase on the song, which is off of the late rapper’s album ‘Victory Lap.’ She is also alleging that she performed several of the key components on the song as well.

The court documents, which were filed on September 5th, states that Yasin worked with Hussle on the song in 2016 and says that he didn’t get her permission to release the song on the album. 

She is currently looking for a cut as a “co-author under US Copyright Law.”

We will keep you updated as this story develops.