Singer Robin S. Reacts To Beyoncé Sampling Her Song On ‘Break My Soul’

The world is still reacting to Beyoncé’s new single “Break My Soul.” 

Since being released earlier this week, fans have been playing the song non-stop all over social media, showing love to Queen Bey. One person in particular who is happy that song is out is singer Robin S because her 1993 hit single “Show Me Love” was sampled on the new track. 

In a recent interview, Robin showed her gratitude for Beyoncé and said that she found out about the new song through her son. “My son called me and he’s like, ‘Mom, mom. You’re trending all over the place,’” she recalled.

She said, “You know, Beyoncé put her song out and it’s ‘Show Me Love’, and you’re trending everywhere.” She added, “It doesn’t have to be confirmed. A singer knows her songs.” 

Robin also said that she hopes that she and Beyoncé can collaborate on a song one day and then she thanked the singer, her husband Jay-Z, and their creative team for making the song possible. 

How many times have you listened to “Break My Soul” since it has been released?