Slim Thug Issues An Apology After Making Insensitive Comments About Cassie’s Lawsuit

Slim Thug
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 25: Slim Thug is seen onstage during the “College Hill Cast Meet & Greet” at House Of BET on June 25, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

Slim Thug has offered an apology following his initial statement claiming that Cassie’s lawsuit came a little too late. He believes that Cassie’s motive was to secure a financial settlement from Diddy.

In a video shared earlier this week, the rapper stated that alleged sexual assault victims are not truly victims if they wait too long to file. “Bill Cosby is not guilty of all that s**t. They were getting high with him. Having fun with him. Turning up with him. When they went broke, they started tryna do all this extra s***t, ” he stated.

“I aint turning over my heros over these lames a** money grabs.”

One of the viewers of the video commented, “this is why women don’t come forward.” He clarified that women should come forward but within a closer timeframe to the alleged crime.

“No, if somebody did something to you women, come forward. Tell them then though. Tell ya momma.” He continued, “but when you waiting around all this time and then you sue a n***a and don’t go to the police, it sounds fishy.”

After sharing his sentiments, the Houston rapper trended on X with disapproving responses to his video. Fans also started criticizing Slim Thug, highlighting allegations that he had fathered a child with his cousin.

After the backlash, the rapper issued an apology to Cassie. However, he remained steadfast in his stance and reiterated his earlier remarks.

“She got her bag, so everything was good but I’m just saying that it didn’t sound like no abuser-victim to me. It sounds like ‘I needed that bag’ and she got it and everything good now, she fixed, everybody happy now right,” he added.

“That was my personal opinion. I’m sorry we don’t agree on everything…I don’t hate Cassie, I didn’t even know Cassie was black…I just give y’all opinion, end of the day if I say something wrong correct me, tell me, I ain’t that small-minded,” he said.