‘Slutty Vegan’ Founder, Pinky Cole, Is Taking Her Business To The Metaverse

The vegan burger chain is adding a new location to their roster – the Metaverse.

Slutty Vegan founder, Pinky Cole, has filed a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to operate in the Metaverse. This means that the trademark will cover online retail services, food and beverage products, and any online ordering in the virtual world according to Black Enterprise.

Introduced to us in 2018, Slutty Vegan specializes in vegan burger dishes with provocative names, among other non-meat goodies. The flagship location started in Atlanta but has since expanded to Birmingham, Alabama, New York City, Georgia, and Maryland.

Many food and beverage companies have been clamoring at the opportunity to join the digital realm.  Slutty Vegan is among the latest to explore the opportunity. NFT News Today listed several companies including McDonalds, Panera Bread, and Burger King who have filed trademarks with the USPTO.

Why this is important

Capitalizing on a new virtual world as a company provides new channels of engagement with existing and potential clients. The new iteration of the World Wide Web, “Web 3” has been growing at rapid speed. Filing trademarks in the Metaverse will help assure continued viability for food and beverage companies in years to come.