Smokey Robinson Admits To Having An Affair With Diana Ross

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Smokey Robinson has dropped some major news about a previous relationship he had with Diana Ross. 

During a recent interview, the Motown singer stated that his relationship with Ms. Ross went on longer than it was supposed to and that he was actually married to someone else during that time. 

“Well, it lasted, uh, probably longer than it should ‘cause I was married at the time,” he said. “Yeah, that happened later. After I got married. You know, after I got signed up at Motown, that’s when that started.” 

During the time of his extramarital affair with the “Upside Down” singer, Robinson was married to his first wife, Claudette Rogers Robinson, who was a part of his group, The Miracles. They tied the knot in 1959 and had two children together after calling it quits in 1986, due to the “Crusin’’ singer’s infidelities. 

Smokey Robinson is currently married to Frances Glandney and has been married since 2002. Diana Ross was married two times and has five children. 

Did you know about this relationship between Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson?