Snoop Dogg Faces Backlash After Allegedly Smoking Around Grandchildren

Snoop Dogg, the West Coast rap legend, has recently found himself at the center of controversy for allegedly smoking marijuana in the presence of his grandchildren. In a video shared on Instagram, Snoop was seen in a recording studio surrounded by his granddaughters as he indulged in smoking a blunt.

The footage sparked immediate condemnation in the comments section, with many expressing concern over exposing infant children to marijuana smoke. One commenter vehemently stated, “Nobody and I do mean NOBODY smoking around my babies,” echoing the sentiments of others who criticized Snoop’s actions as irresponsible.

However, amidst the backlash, some individuals downplayed the severity of the situation, sharing their own experiences of smoking around their children and relatives. One user even noted that the blunt in Snoop’s hand appeared to be unlit, suggesting that the outrage may have been unwarranted.

This incident has reignited discussions about parental responsibility and the appropriateness of consuming marijuana in front of impressionable young children. Snoop Dogg has yet to respond to the controversy surrounding the video.

Interestingly, Snoop Dogg had previously announced his intention to quit smoking, albeit as a promotional stunt for a brand of fire pits he was endorsing.

 In an ad shared on his Instagram page last year, Snoop declared, “I’m giving up smoke…I’m done with it. Done with the coughing and my clothes smelling all sticky-icky. I’m going smokeless.” However, it appears that this declaration may not have been genuine, as evidenced by his recent actions.

Notably, Snoop Dogg is not the only rapper to have faced scrutiny for smoking marijuana around his children. Wiz Khalifa, another prominent figure in the hip-hop community, has openly admitted to partaking in his favorite vice while in the presence of his son. Khalifa even revealed that he has attended school meetings while under the influence, highlighting a shift in societal attitudes towards marijuana use and parenting.

As debates continue to rage over the appropriateness of consuming marijuana in front of children, Snoop Dogg’s actions serve as a reminder of the complex intersection between personal freedom, parental responsibility, and societal norms.