Snoop Dogg’s Daughter, Cori Broadus, Reveals She Suffered A Stroke

Snoop Dogg Cori Broadus
INGLEWOOD, CA – AUGUST 24: Recording artist Snoop Dogg (L) and Cori Broadus attend the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV)

Snoop Dogg’s daughter, Cori Broadus, faced a health crisis as she revealed that she suffered a “severe stroke.” The 24-year-old took to her Instagram Story to share her emotional journey, posting two pictures from an undisclosed hospital.

In the first slide, she wrote, “I had a severe stroke this am. I started breaking down crying when they told me.”

The second photo depicted her wrapped in a hoodie, questioning what she might have done to “deserve” a stroke at the age of 24.

Broadus has been battling lupus since the age of six, a condition where the body’s immune system attacks its tissues and organs. Lupus Corner highlights that lupus patients face a heightened risk of stroke due to inflammation affecting blood clot tendencies and vasculitis stiffening blood vessels.

In September 2023, the rapper’s daughter opened up about her lupus diagnosis in an interview with People. She discussed the lifestyle changes she embraced to manage the condition.

“I’ve been good, better than I’ve ever been,” she shared.

Broadus decided to go “all natural,” incorporating herbs, sea moss, teas, and adopting a holistic approach to her health. She also stopped taking medication, a significant shift from relying on drugs since the age of six.

Reflecting on the transition, she expressed her desire for positive change, stating, “I wanted better for myself.”

The decision was motivated by the challenges of taking 10 to 12 pills daily and the impact on her mental well-being.

The recent stroke revelation adds another layer to Cori’s health journey, highlighting the ongoing challenges she faces and the resilience she demonstrates in her pursuit of well-being.