Snoop Dogg’s Daughter, Cori Broadus, Shares Her Lupus Journey

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Snoop Dogg’s daughter, Cori Broadus shared in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE that she decided to go “all natural” for her battle with lupus.

“I’ve been good, better than I’ve ever been,” she said to the outlet, expressing that she decided to take a holistic approach to tackling the disease. “I stopped taking all of my medication like five months ago. I’m just doing everything natural, all types of herbs, sea moss, teas.”

“I started working out, drinking lots of water,” she adds. “So now I think my body’s like, okay, this is the new program and she’s getting used to it.” 

Broadus explained that she made the holistic transition because she has been on the same regimen since she was diagnosed at the age of 6.

“I’ve had medication since I was 6 years old, depending on these drugs all my life. So I wanted better for myself,” she says. “I wanted to change because it just became a lot. I’m only 24 years old, taking 10 to 12 pills every single day. So I kind of just went cold Turkey.” 

In addition to her holistic healing journey, she says she is putting her fitness first. Broadus says she goes tot he gym regularly alongside her fiancé, Wayne.

“My body is not achy,” she explains. “When you have lupus, that’s one of the number one things. You have achy joints, you have arthritis. And now I’m like, damn, I’m not complaining about my knees, my feet, my hands, my back.”