So Sad: One Dead And Multiple Injured In A Gas Explosion In The Bronx

This is so sad.

Earlier today it has been reported that a fire broke out in a Bronx home and collapsed leaving one woman dead and several others injured. 

Among at injured victims were five police officers who were taken to Lincoln Hospital for smoke inhalation. Firefighters were on the scene looking for additional victims in the rubble. 

It is unclear what caused the fire at this moment but officials believe that it could have been a gas explosion.

A neighbor stated, “I was in my room, and my mom was the one that came to my room, yelling, like ‘Oh my God, I felt the room shake. Something must’ve happened.’ It’s really sad. You know, people lost their homes. 

The NYPD is currently investigating the official cause of the fire. We will keep you posted with updates.