So SAD: Texas Gunman Killed 7, Including A 7-Month Baby

Photo credit – Brian Bahr/Getty Images

This is so heartbreaking! 

According to news sources, a gunman in Odessa Texas went on a shooting rampage.

The incident happened yesterday (August 31), the suspect was driving a gold Honda and was the subject of a traffic stop at around 3:17 p.m. The gunman reportedly shot the trooper who initially stopped him and continued to shoot other innocent people around the area.

The suspect was described by authorities as a white male in his mid-30’s.

The gunman, who had not been named yet, ditched his Honda, jumped in a postal service vehicle, drove it to a movie theater, and had another shootout with police officers. Authorities claim he had an AR-15type of weapon. Law enforcement fatally shot the gunman during the shootout.

The suspect killed seven people during the horrible event. The assault took place one day before a series of gun law changes were going to be made in Texas. 

This is the second mass shooting Texas had in the same month. On August 3, a gunman at a Walmart in El Paso opened fire, targeting Hispanic people and killed 20. 

If this is isn’t a wakeup call to get more involved with politics and vote, then you are doing your life a disservice. 

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