Social Media Criticizes Viola Davis’ Portrayal Of Michelle Obama

Viola Davis has been receiving a lot of backlash from social media for her portrayal of Michelle Obama in the Showtime series ‘The First Lady.’

After the show premiere of the show, fans immediately called the Oscar-award-winning actress’s performance “cringy” among other things. Fans mostly talked about her over-the-top facial expressions. 

See some of the reactions posted below.

Before the show came out, Davis expressed that she was dealing with anxiety and stress about taking on the role because of the high expectations of playing the world’s forever first lady.

“Let me tell you something, not does the thought of Michelle Obama watching the show come to mind, it keeps me up at night,” Viola Davis said. 

She continued, “You don’t want to insult them by your portrayal… As much as we feel like we know Michelle Obama – and I did everything I could to research there are those private moments where there’s some level of creative decision-making that you have to take.” 

Have you seen ‘The First Lady’ yet? What are your thoughts about it?