Social Media Shows Support For Ralph Yarl After He Was Shot By White Man

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People are standing with Ralph Yarl as he recovers after being shot by a white homeowner. 

According to reports, Yarl,16, was on his to pick up his younger siblings when he went to the wrong address in Kansas City, Missouri. After ringing the doorbell at home, the shooter shot Yarl twice, one in the arm and the other in the head.

He was taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition. The family’s attorneys, Benjamin Crump, and S. Lee Merritt said in a statement, “Despite the severity of his injuries and the seriousness of his condition, Ralph is alive and recovering.” 

The 16-year-old was sent by his parents to pick up his siblings at an address on 115th Terrace but mistakenly went to the same address on 115th Street, where the shooting took place. Attorney Crump tweeted, “Ralph Yarl was picking up his younger brothers when he mistakenly rang the doorbell at the wrong house. A man shot Ralph twice and now he’s in critical condition. His family needs support during this tragedy.” 

He added that the suspect has not been arrested or charged for his crime.

The identity of the homeowner has not been revealed, although, he was taken into custody and placed on a 24-hour hold before being released. Social media are outraged by the recent turn of events and shared their sentiments about it. See what they had to say below.

Justice for Ralph Yarl.