Sports Journalist Sage Steel Speaks On Physical Altercation With Barbara Walters

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Sports journalist Sage Steele reveals how she got into a physical altercation with the late Barbara Walters. 

According to Steele, the incident happened when she was a guest on “The View.” She says it took place in the greenroom when Walters pushed her into a trash can. “It was Barbara, Whoopi Goldberg, and myself in the dark green room off to the side,” she said. 

Steele continued, “I was probably about four feet from the wall and the trash can and Barbara was standing over here in front of me. She just started to back up toward me and looked at me and got close and elbowed me, it pushed me back into the wall and the trash can. I was like, ‘What did she just do to me? This 140-year-old woman just tried to like tackle me.’”

She also said that Whoopi Goldberg and other people in production witnessed the attack and  Goldberg consoled her after it was over. “Some of the producers saw it. Whoopi saw it. And Whoopi was like, ‘Come here.’ She was great. She pulled me aside in her little area and she’s like, ‘Don’t you let her do it.’ And I’m like, ‘Am I in a movie right now?’ One of the legends in this industry just tried to beat me up!” 

Sage Steele said that everything happened she gave her stance on then-President Barack Obama identifying as Black and not as bi-racial. Since then, she claimed that while working as an ESPN anchor, she was getting less screen time and wasn’t getting certain opportunities at the network. She sued the company and settled her lawsuit while announcing that she has parted ways with the media company. 

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