Stacey Dash Clears Up Rumors That She Relapsed

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 07: Actress Stacey Dash attends The Diaspora Dialogues’ 3rd Annual International Women Of Power Luncheon at Arbat Banquet Hall on March 07, 2020 in Burbank, California. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Stacey Dash has firmly addressed critics who speculated she had relapsed after years of battling substance abuse. The 57-year-old recently celebrated her nearly eight-year sobriety in a TikTok video, responding to numerous comments accusing her of being “high.”


I’m going to start sharing more about my recovery journey and what I do to stay healthy (mind, body and spirit) I hope that my story can help someone who might be struggling right now. God bless.

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“Wow. Thank you so much for all of your concern. I just want to say that I am doing brilliantly. I am 7 years and 9 months clean. Yay!” she revealed in the clip. “I hope by doing this, I help somebody else. ‘Cause I know the struggle’s real.”

Stacey Dash’s Journey of Transformation

The “Clueless” star shared her plans to be more open about her past addiction struggles and how she overcame them. Dash believes her “mind, body, and spirit” have been transformed and invites her supporters to join her on this journey.

In 2016, Dash first disclosed her addiction issues in an interview, revealing that both of her parents were addicts. Shockingly, her own mother gave her a line of cocaine at just 16 years old. Dash battled addiction for years, finally sobering up when she became pregnant with her son, Austin Williams, in 1991.

Dash admitted to a relapse in 2021 when prescribed Vicodin by her doctor, taking up to 20 pills a day. Recently, some thought she had relapsed again when she posted a video of herself excessively sweating. However, Dash clarified she had just finished working out.

Despite her openness, some still doubted her sobriety. A TikTok video featured comments like “Stacey are you high” and “back on DRUGS?” Dash responded, “I’m doing really good. I am seven years and nine months clean. Yay.” She added, “I hope by doing this I help somebody else, ‘cause I know the struggle’s real.”

Many fans were supportive, praising her for her nearly eight years of sobriety. “7 years! that’s amazing! so excited to be on this journey with you,” one commented. However, others remained skeptical, recalling her emotional reaction in 2022 upon learning of DMX’s death a year after it happened.