Stephanie Mills Pitches To Do A Charity Concert For “Heroes” Of The Riverfront Brawl

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Stephanie Mills clearly stands with the heroes of the Riverfront Brawl that took place in Montgomery, Alabama over the weekend.

The singer has recently announced that she is willing to do a charity concert to help the heroes with their legal fees. Mills reposted the video on social media with Sam Cooke’s “A Change Gone Come” playing over it and a caption that read, “Not sure if you saw this situation in Montgomery, Alabama home of the civil rights movement. These thugs jumped a Black man, who was just doing his job.”

She continued, “They thought he was by himself… Boy, they got what they came for. My manager sent me this because he knows this would bring me so much joy. I don’t condone violence, however, there are exceptions. This is one. I love how he added this song, and now calls the video, “A Change Gone Come 2023.” 

She added, “Listen, I will go do a charity concert for those brothers and sisters to help with legal fees. I stand with us.” 

The Riverfront Brawl took place on August 5th after a Black man working on the dock told white boaters that they had to move their boat because they were blocking the riverboat from parking. The confrontation turned into a brawl after the white men attacked the Black man. Other Black men and women came to the defense of the security guard. 

From the now viral videos, police made multiple arrests including the white men and women who started the entire thing. 

If Stephanie Mills has this concert to help those involved in this brawl, will you be attending?