Sterling K. Brown Has Fans Believing He’s Over Jennifer Lopez

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Sterling K. Brown has fans believing that he is not fond of Jennifer Lopez. 

Over the weekend, a clip of Lopez and Brown went viral while they were doing an interview for their recent movie, Atlas. During the interview, they were asked about their comfort foods, Lopez responded by saying, “Go to comfort meal? It could be any- well, I grew up Puerto Rican. So I like rice and beans.” 

Brown quickly interjected and said, “Are you Puerto Rican? Get out of here. Arroz, frijoles, a me gusta French toast.”

Fans quickly shared their thoughts about the interaction on social media. One user said, “Sterling K. Brown is all of us. Girl, we know you’re Puerto Rican from the Bronx.”

See some of the other reactions below.

Jennifer Lopez has been under scrutiny this year. Her recent album, This Is Me… Now, along with her movie didn’t do well and it caused her to cancel tour dates due to low ticket sales. However, her movie Atlas is reportedly number one on Netflix, although it has received 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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