Steve Harvey Breaks Down After Pace Sisters’ Duranice Pace Says ‘You Helped Me to Live Sir’ [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

After creating a video that went viral, the Pace Sisters’ singer Duranice Pace stopped by Steve Harvey’s talk show Steve, and broke down in tears as she shared her incredible story and the ways she fought back against her adversities every time. Moved by her words, Uncle Steve couldn’t hold back his own tears either.  

Pace opened up about her life’s hardships including being forced to drink rat poison, illness, and sexual abuse. Knowing the outline of her life, Steve asked her, “Why do you think your voice touches people?”

The gospel singer candidly responded, “I believe the Lord gave me a touch when they fed me rat poison in Rochester, N.Y., and they had to cut out half of my vocal cords. And they said I would never talk again, but the man upstairs said, ‘You gonna sing again.’”

Pace went on to reveal that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and attending physicians gave her three years to live. “March 28 made that 11 years ago,” Pace said with a smile on her face. She then broke into, soulfully singing, “I want the folks to know that I met Steve Harvey, and the man is so good to me.”

The gospel great told Steve, “I didn’t know if I was gonna be alive. God kept me alive so I could meet you sir, and I’m just glad to be here. I can go to heaven now. I can go to heaven,” as she wiped tears from her face. “This is Steve Harvey. He’s a good man, and he loves the Lord. He’ll give you a helping hand. God’s gonna bless Steve Harvey, so keep on, Steve, keep on. You helped me to live, sir, keep on!

Before Steve and his audience witnessed one of the most emotional performance in show history, the TV host told Ms. Pace, “You know what’s crazy. You think I’m helping you, but you’re helping me.”