Steve Harvey Keeps it All the Way Real with Mo’Nique on ‘Steve’ [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Mo’Nique just became the first African-American female comedienne to land a Las Vegas residency, so she stopped by our own Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show, Steve, to gush about the opportunity and once again break down why she’s had such a difficult time in Hollywood after winning her Oscar nearly a decade ago.

Uncle Steve introduced the comedienne-turned-actress and the two went on to talk about their 20-year friendship and the first time they met (outside of Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta). As the two exchanged a few jokes, Mo’Nique joked about not being a problem. Mr. Harvey interjected to say, “Oh, you have been a problem.”

He continued, “You started getting labeled as difficult.” Then asked, “Why do you think that happened?”

Mo’Nique spoke for herself and her husband and manager, Sidney Hicks, saying, “We got labeled difficult because I said one word, and that was, ‘No.’ I said, ‘No’ to some very powerful people. I said, ‘No,’ to Oprah Winfrey, I said, ‘No’ to Tyler Perry, and I said, ‘No,’ to Lee Daniels, and I said, ‘No,’ to Lionsgate.”

Mo went on to say that her boycott against Netflix was about “inequality” and “extreme” measures needed to right a wrong.

Things got personal as Mo’Nique addressed Steve directly, and said that she would have appreciated her brother reaching out to her with a phone call instead of publicly addressing her circumstances by saying “Mo’Nique has burned too many bridges; there’s nothing I can do.”

A very passionate discussion ensued, and both comedians just wanted to prove a point.

Watch their heated conversation below.