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This Week's Best of ... the Steve Harvey Morning Show

Every week, Steve, Shirley, Junior, Carla, Fool No. 1, Nephew Tommy, and Fool No. 2, J. Anthony Brown get together to get you through the morning. From J. murdering your favorite hits to Nephew Tommy making grown men cry with the prank call, there’s never a dull moment on the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

If you missed last week’s mayhem, we’re giving you a chance to drop your jaws and catch up on the laughs from Steve Harvey FM!

Shirley Stawberry's Strawberry Letter

Subject: My Best Friend is Either Dumb, or She's Slow



[TO HEAR NEPHEW TOMMY'S RESPONSE, TAP FOR OUR STRAWBERRY LETTER PODCAST] Is she sprung or just slow? #StrawberryLetter "Subject: My Best Friend Is Either Sprung Or She’s Slow Dear Steve and Shirley, Three years ago, my best friend and my older brother started dating. I was against it from the start and I told her that my brother is a sorry excuse for a man. He cannot keep a job and he moves around a lot, depending on what girl is crazy enough to let him stay with her. He plays video games all day and he hangs out all night. As soon as he started dating my friend, he moved in with her and she pays all of the bills and his cell phone bill and he drives her car more than she does. She said that he’s the best lover she ever had and the biggest too. She said he really puts in work in the bedroom. I didn’t need to know all of that, but it helped me understand why the girls are so crazy about him. I have told him that he’s wrong for using women, but he told me to mind my business and let him do what he needs to do to survive. Well, he started cheating on my friend 2 months ago and I told her. She said she didn’t care and she never even asked him about it. Then he broke up with her and told her that he is dating a new girl, but he still needed to live with her. Of course, my best friend was cool with that. She still pays all of the bills and she still has sex with him whenever he wants it. She told me she’s being a good woman and standing by her man. I couldn’t believe it. If this is what it’s like to be “sprung,” I don’t want any of that. I think she might be a little slow or have low self-esteem. Should I press this issue, or let her live her best life with my sorry brother?"

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Subject: This Woman is Making Me Nervous



[TO HEAR NEPHEW TOMMY'S RESPONSE, TAP FOR OUR STRAWBERRY LETTER PODCAST] This brotha definitely sounds nervous in this #StrawberryLetter "Subject: This Woman Is Making Me Nervous Dear Steve and Shirley, I am a 32-year-old man and my wife and I have been married for 4 years. Our marriage got off to a rough start and we separated for a short period of time in the beginning. Right after we separated, I met a chick with the body of a goddess and ended up having an affair with her for two months. I got bored with just having great sex and no real connection with this chick, so I told her I was going back to work things out with my wife. She got very upset and told me that her ultimate plan was to take me from my wife. That scared the mess out of me and I told her that my wife was irreplaceable. That was three years ago. My wife and I worked out the kinks in our marriage and we’re truly happy now. I felt it was unnecessary to tell my wife about the affair, so I never did. Fast forward to my company’s annual employee appreciation cookout that my wife and I look forward to attending each year. We always sit with my teammates from work who have actually become good friends of mine. A group of us were sitting together eating, when one of our teammates walked up. I almost choked. He was with the chick that I had had the affair with. Me and the chick played it off when he introduced her, but she kept giving me nasty looks as we sat there. The first chance she got to be alone with me, she told me that she fell in love with me and she’s still not over me. She asked me how I would feel if my wife was hurt the way she was. She told me that I never should’ve chosen my wife over her. I was speechless. Since that day, I’ve been worried about what she might do. I think I should tell my coworker that he’s dating a chick I slept with and she’s crazy. I also think I ought to tell my wife about the affair before this gets out of hand. This chick has made me so nervous. What should I do? Please help."

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Nephew Tommy's Prank Call


Subject: Repass Chicken

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