Steve Harvey Shares The Advice Tyler Perry Gave Him About Addressing Blogs

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Steve Harvey gives credit to Tyler Perry for helping him refrain from addressing the rumors about him and his wife, Majorie Harvey. 

On Sunday, October 15th, the radio host posted an old video of him speaking at the Earn Your Leisure Invest Fest in Atlanta, GA. In the video he said, “People that’s busy, they ain’t got time to talk about me. Magic Johnson ain’t got time, Tyler Perry ain’t got time talking ‘bout me. ‘Cause they building an empire.” 

He went on to talk about the time that Perry reminded him on what’s important from what isn’t. “One time I was finna respond to someone’s blog, Tyler Perry called me saying, ‘Hey man, what you getting ready to do?’”

Harvey said that he told the movie mogul that he was in about to respond to a blog post about him. “I said I’m going on CNN with Anderson Cooper and I’m straightening this whole thing out in the blogs. He said, ‘No, you’re not.’ He said, ‘You know why?’ He said,  ‘Listen to me, Steve, when they talk about you it’s a blog, if you open your mouth it’s a press conference.’”

Steve added, “You gotta know who you are. So, I say to all the people out there, know who you are and know where God is taking you…”

It is not clear on which blog post he was referring to, however, Steve Harvey, has addressed infidelity rumors that followed his wife, Marjorie.  

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