Stevie J. Issues An Apology To Faith Evans For ‘Embarrassing’ Her

Stevie J. issues an apology to Faith Evans for “embarrassing her.”

Following the reports that Stevie J filed for divorce, a video shows the two in a heated argument. In the clip, Faith tells Stevie that she hates him as she begs him “leave her alone.”

“F*ck you, too. I ain’t goin’ nowhere,” Stevie answered. “I hate you, too.” Faith is heard saying, “Leave me alone!”

Stevie then alleges that Faith cheated on him, as he repeatedly called her a “b*tch.” Faith laid down in bed, as Stevie continued to argue with her. He hovered over her and asked how she could do something like that to him when all he did was love her.

“Get your hands off of me!” Faith replied.

Following the video, Stevie sent a public apology to his wifey for “talking crazy” and humiliating her.

Watch the apology below.