Students Wondering Why Hampton University Put a Statue Of George H.W Bush on Campus [PHOTO]

Photo credit – Spiroview Inc/Shutterstock

Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey unveiled new statues earlier this week that will be on campus. This celebration happened on the institution’s 126th Founder’s day.

“Legacy Park” on campus is where the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place, which is also a new landmark for the university. This waterfront area of campus will be the home for the statues. Dr. Williams wanted to feature notable people like Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., William Howard Taft, Mary Jackson, Susan B. LaFlesche, Fredrick Douglass, Susan B., Ruben Burrell, and George H.W Bush.

Since Hampton University is a historically black college, students wanted to know if there was a greater meaning behind having the former President, George H.W Bush, statue apart of this new site on campus. According to the school’s website, this is why:

“President Bush demonstrated a long-standing support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities over his career. Aside from delivering the 1991 Commencement address at Hampton University, President Bush founded the United Negro College Fund chapter at Yale University during his college days.”